Clinical Cardiovascular Research

The HMRI cardiovascular research group houses renowned clinical cardiologists working in conjunction with the Hunter New England Area Health Service and the University of Newcastle.

Hunter researchers are involved in the clinical trial of a new drug that aims to reduce potentially lethal tissue scarring after a heart attack.

Using novel stem cell therapy, researchers are working to potentially regenerate the heart muscle following a heart attack and treat cardiac fibrosis (thickening and scaring of the heart). These findings have the potential to completely change the clinical treatment of people who have suffered a heart attack.

Clinical trials and studies are also underway within this field assessing novel drug treatments for patients, surgical interventions including artificial heart valves and better front line treatment in Ambulances which has significantly improved health outcomes for the local population.

Another interesting aspect of the HMRI cardiovascular research group is the focus area of clinical toxicology. Using specialised cardiac knowledge, researchers have been able to apply this knowledge to increase our understanding of snake bites and other venomous animal bites on human cardiovascular responses.

This research has even led to the development of a patent for a topical treatment which can slow the spread of venom from snake and other venomous animal bites and potentially save lives of the Australians suffering from snake bites.

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Clinical Cardiovascular
Dr Sarah Valkenborghs
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Active Living Research Program
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Asthma, Respiratory Diseases & the Immune System, Clinical Cardiovascular, Healthy Lifestyles, Prostate Cancer, Stroke and Brain Injury
Professor Paulette van Vliet - Stroke Rehabilitation Researcher
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Brain & Mental Health
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Clinical Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Stroke and Brain Injury