Effective Medicines Research

Hunter researchers in the HMRI Public Health Research Program have a keen interest in developing new treatments for disease and better ways of managing health problems.

Researchers are working to find the most effective medicines

For medications, the team look at everything from the design and development of drugs, to the clinical trials process, through to the post-marketing phase, where data is collected on how effective those drugs are in practice and how they are used, and any side effects they might have.  Members of the team also play a role in evaluation of medications by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.

In July 2015, members of this team were chosen by the NSW State Government to run the country’s first medical cannabis trial. To be conducted in two phases, the trial will assess the ability of cannabis to relieve symptoms including fatigue, low appetite, altered taste and smell for food, low mood, weight loss, nausea, insomnia and pain relief.

The award of this trial is a mark of the well respected and high quality nature of the research being performed by these Hunter Researchers.

Research Program :
Public Health
Research Topics :
Effective Health Services, Effective Medicines, Healthy Lifestyles, Using Health Data & Statistics
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