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HMRI Award for Early Career Research
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2020 HMRI Award for Early-Career Research - Dr Andrew Gardner

Dr Gardner is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow with the School of Medicine & Public Health at the University of Newcastle, and an honorary clinical research fellow with the Hunter New England Local Health District. He is also a Co-Director of HNEH's Sport Concussion Clinic, an Executive Committee Member of the Priority Research Centre for Stroke and Brain Injury, and serves as a member of the Australian Rugby Union's (ARUs) Concussion Advisory Group.

HMRI Award for Early Career Research - 2019 Stephen Smith

Associate Professor Stephen Smith is a highly regarded colorectal surgeon who serves as Director of the Hunter Surgical Clinical Research Unit at John Hunter Hospital while maintaining an almost full clinical workload.

He has developed and led innovative and high-quality surgical projects in three broad areas – infection, pain, and delayed return of gastrointestinal function.

HMRI Award for Early Career Research - 2016 Andrew Bivard

Dr Andrew Bivard work in acute ischemic stroke imaging focuses on patient selection for clot-busting therapies. Together with industry partners, he developed an automated processing program for cerebral perfusion imaging.

With stroke also being a leading cause of disability, Dr Bivard is now coordinating the MIDAS Fatigue Trial at HMRI using the drug Modafinil to assist stroke survivors in overcoming persistent tiredness.