Professor David Durrheim

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What are your research interests?

I am committed to developing, testing and implementing effective surveillance solutions for emerging infectious disease threats, both in Australia and developing countries.

Another of my interests is finding "One Health" solutions to limiting the risk of 'zoonotic' diseases that may be spread from animals to people.
Developing system solutions for reaching all children with effective vaccines for preventing infectious diseases is a passion that drives me.

Why did you get into research?

I am driven by a desire to find appropriate solutions that ensure people most at risk have access to evidence-informed prevention and management solutions. 

What would be the ultimate goal for your research?

To see serious diseases with outbreak potential rapidly detected and contained, or prevented through vaccination and other effective public health measures.

Brief profile

David Durrheim is Conjoint Professor of Public Health Medicine, University of Newcastle, and Director - Health Protection, Hunter New England Health.

He is a Public Health Physician with an established track record in conducting public research that has an operational focus and is translational in nature. His ability to use operational research findings to assist local public health programs to improve their surveillance and service delivery, particularly in challenging under-resourced environments, has resulted in a number of awards and international recognition.

Professor Durrheim is an outspoken advocate for equitable global access to effective public health measures, particularly immunisation. He has been instrumental in developing novel surveillance systems to detect and facilitate response to emerging infectious disease risks.

He has served as an expert adviser and consultant to a number of World Health Organisation (WHO), regional and national health programs in the African and Pacific Regions. He continues to serve on various Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation working groups advising the WHO, along with being Chair of the National Polio Elimination Certification Committee and Western Pacific Regional Measles Elimination Verification Commission. 

Future Focus

Saving children's lives through effective vaccines and limiting the impact of infectious diseases through novel surveillance and containment measures.

Specialised/Technical Skills

  • Immunisation policy and program delivery
  • Public Health advocacy



What causes unexplained encephalitis? A pilot adult encephalitis hospital-based surveillance system - Ann and Eric Bone Research Project Grant
Project Grant


Weekly online community survey for early detection of seasonal and pandemic influenza and vaccine failure.
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Dr Craig Dolton, D Durrheim, E d'Espaignet, H Kelly