Jack Faulkner

Jack Faulkner
Research Program:

What are your research interests?

I am interested in multiple facets of the research process, ranging from the interpersonal nature of data collection to the logistics of data analysis, in a practical and collaborative environment.

Why did you get into research?

My career pathway was motivated by an awareness of the effect of chronic disease on the lives and wellbeing of people. An interest in medical research and data analysis was also driven by a passion for health from a young age combined with an aptitude for mathematics and statistics.


Jack is a statistician who completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Mathematics (Hons) degree at the University of Newcastle in 2017. His honours thesis explored longitudinal data analysis and linear mixed modelling in a clinical context. In conjunction with the PROCITT study at the Calvary Mater Hospital, the predictive nature of early biomarkers on the bone mineral density of prostate cancer patients was investigated.

Prior to his current position, he worked in public health as a research assistant at the Hunter Medical Research Institute, engaging with cancer patients and conducting data collection through computer-assisted telephone interviewing. During this time, Jack developed a poster presentation for the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia scientific meeting of 2018. His role also involved database management as well as contributions to survey design in the START trial, a partnership project between the University of Newcastle and the Cancer Council.

Future Focus

My goal is to continue helping clients and affiliated researchers by providing accurate and appropriate statistical support for various types of projects, in an endeavour to improve our understanding of health data and facilitate change over time.

Specialised/Technical Skills

  • Data analysis techniques
  • Statistical software utility (SAS, R, STATA)
  • Data collection and management skills