Mark Jones

Mark Jones
Research Program:

Research Interests

I work in the Clinical Research Design and Statistics Support Unit assisting researchers and commercial clients interpret data and communicate results. We use a wide array of mathematical techniques and software which involves explaining often obscure or easily misunderstood statistical concepts in a way they can be understood by non-statisticians. The projects that I am involved with range from randomized controlled trials to observational studies.

I am interested in a wide range of statistical methods applied across the medicine, health, environmental and financial domains with a particular interest in the following areas:

  • longitudinal and correlated data analysis using generalized linear mixed models and generalized estimating equations
  • time series analysis
  • analysis of count data
  • bootstrapping


Why did you get into research?

I entered research through my interest in statistical analysis and the fact that valid statistical methods contribute directly to new knowledge and understanding. My role places me centrally in this endeavor. 


Mark has an undergraduate degree in Physics (Brunel University, UK), a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics (Charles Sturt Uni) and is working towards a Master of Biostatistics (University of Sydney). He has worked in a diverse range of quantitative analysis and software development roles.

Since joining HMRI, Mark has worked on randomized controlled trials, observational studies and assisted PhD students with projects. Prior to joining HMRI Mark was a senior consultant with a Forest Technical Services firm developing forest estate models as well as designing inventory surveys and forest growth models.

Specialised/Technical Skills

  • Statistical analysis
  • R, SAS, Stata
  • Linear mixed models
  • Generalized estimating equations
  • Analysis of categorical data
  • Time series analysis
  • Python
  • Linear regression
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Geographical information systems
  • Programming (Python, C++, Java)