Monica O'Neill

Monica O'Neill
Research Program:

What are your research interests?

As the saying goes - garbage in, garbage out. I believe in working with a research team to maximise their data quality through greater completeness, accuracy, reliability and validation. Software packages like REDCap mean data quality measures can be built into the framework of the project database, saving time and effort for data managers, clinical trial coordinators and statisticians alike.

Why did you get into research?

I enjoy supporting others to conduct the best research they can. I certainly don’t have the medical expertise of the incredible researchers I work with, but I can contribute to quality research outcomes through best practice database design and management.

I understand that it is not always within someone’s skill set to understand database structures and metadata. Fortunately, that’s how my brain works! I feel privileged to find a career that plays to my strengths while being able to contribute to such a meaningful cause.

What would be the ultimate goal for your research?

My dream is a world where all medical research data is entered and stored in purpose-built databases.


Monica is a Data Manager for Clinical Research Design & Statisitcs Services team at HMRI. She is the HMRI REDCap Administrator and is the key point of contact for database design and development for HMRI Research Affiliates.

Monica graduated from the University of Newcastle with an Economics Honours degree in 2008. Since her studies she has worked in economic, policy and market research before changing course and seeking out a career within medical research. In 2017, she began working for the Clinical Cancer Research Network to design, develop and manage investigator initiated clinical trial databases. At the beginning of 2019, Monica joined HMRI as REDCap Administrator to help meet the growing demand for well-designed clinical research databases.

Future Focus

Increasing education of and access to best practice clinical database design and management tools.

Specialised/Technical Skills

  • REDCap database development
  • Data monitoring
  • Data cleaning
  • Automated data quality processes