Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown

Brief Profile / Biography

I commenced Radiography in 1985 as a ‘mature aged student’. I worked in both private practices and Public Hospitals, and for a small period assisting in humanitarian endeavors overseas.

Now as an Imaging Manager, I have the time, resources and influence to support research within clinical practice. I also now have the collaborative opportunities for our Imaging Service to support research using our specialised modalities MRI and CT scanning.

I have a hands-on operational background to reach outcomes which for me will always lead to the frontline staff being better educated and able to perform imaging in a safe and innovative way to answer clinical questions or with others see a patient recover to the best of their ability for the best return to their pre-injury lifestyle including wellbeing.


Research Interests

  • Imaging practice in Trauma
  • Imaging practice in Paediatrics
  • Imaging and consumer engagement
  • The consumer experience in diagnostic imaging procedure


Why did you get into research?

New to research because I see real and sustainable better outcomes for the community from all sorts of research endeavors.

Accidents and trauma happen, accepting that we can reduce but not control. What we can do to improve “life after an accident’ with a healthier, happier and recovered patients has multiple benefits. Being able to improve a patient’s wellbeing, mobility, function and reduce any disability through applied research is motivational.  

If I can add a price to the puzzle or assist someone else, we all benefit in time.


What would be the ultimate goal for your research?

To see good practice become better practice, at the bed side and in my specialty radiography. In my career everything we have done better has been based on someone’s research that never is easy but always worthwhile. Amputation of limbs for example, in many cases has been replaced with repair and rehabilitation. I remain in awe of that radical change in surgery in the last 30 years. Contribution is the key and taking a new look at old problem and in radiology we see leaps in equipment capability. In that area, what can we do better to have the technology maximize our success.

I don’t see an end point but a continuous expansion of shared knowledge and imaging is fundament to so many treatment paths


Future Focus

My focus will be to use my industry skill and resource management to continue to support research where imaging is key to demonstrating best outcomes for patients after surgery, intervention or treatment. Ongoing the role of imaging in trauma to steer surgical intervention or assess outcomes for patients will be my career focus in my research participation


Specialised /Technical Skills

  • General / trauma/ Operative and Paediatric radiography
  • Overseeing MRI, CT and Ultrac sound imaging modalities
  • Review of research projects that use radiography service son John Hunter Hospital Campus
  • Overseeing and managing the radiographer modalities and Medical radiation Science workforce at Joh Hunter Hospital



  • MoH – Community of Practice - Imaging
  • MoH – Agency of Clinical Innovation (ACI) – Emergency Care Institute (ECI)