Simon Chiu

Simon Chiu - Statistician | HMRI
Research Program:

What are your research interests?

My interest at HMRI is to find new ways to apply statistics so that it helps translate data to information with an emphasis on helping researchers understand their results. I am particularly interested in predictive statistics and modelling, and always on the lookout for the best way to visualise data. 

Why did you get into research?

During my studies, I quickly appreciated the role statistics plays in our understanding of research topics. The broad nature of statistics coupled with the wide scope of HMRI research topics means that there is an endless number of ways of implementing statistics.

What would be the ultimate goal for your research?

My goal at HMRI is to continue to develop different methods to analyse data, help deliver and communicate results in a way that allows researchers to best interpret their results. 


Simon has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics Majoring in Statistics from Newcastle University, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics from Macquarie University and is working towards his Masters in Biostatistics from Macquarie University.

During his final year of undergraduate studies, Simon received a scholarship from Hunter Research Foundation and was later employed as a research assistant working primarily on social and economic research. Since joining HMRI, Simon has assisted on projects including statistical modelling, survey analysis, assisting in PhD support, sample size and power calculations.

Future Focus

My future focus is to continue to implement and develop analytical solutions in order to support researchers at all levels.

Specialised/Technical Skills 

  • Statistical Analysis and modelling
  • Data management 
  • Data visualization