Simone Perry

Simone Perry

What are your research interests?

  • New graduate registered nurses (RNs) leaving the Australian workforce within three years. The readiness for practice gap needs further work to improve retention of new graduates in the workforce. New graduate RNs often lack confidence in their clinical, professional and industry capabilities. I am passionate about developing the confidence of new graduate RNs in the clinical workforce through a small group mentoring program over the initial 6 months of working. Interested to work with a socio-behavioural scientist and researcher to measure the impacts of medium-term mentoring with new graduate RNs.
  • Negative experiences of culturally diverse and vulnerable older Australian consumers/clients/patients with health professionals and other health care workers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Health care professionals and other health care workers need to enhance communication skills and capacity between one another and vulnerable older Australian consumers. Interested in participatory action research on a strength focused mentoring program with motivated clinical leaders and older people who are consumers of health services.
  • Vulnerable population groups get frustrated with health service providers. Health professionals need to extend their practice to include relevant and meaningful conversations with their clients and patients. Interested in participatory action research on inter-professional practices in the health workforce utilising a small group mentoring program for community and health care service teams, who provide care for vulnerable population groups, including older people and adults with chronic diseases.
  • Better informed decision making by consumers/clients/patients, for their own health and outcomes through user friendly handheld technology as part of contemporary health care practices, in both community and health care settings. Interested to work with a development team in building consumer centred inter-professional practice information and decision-making sight and sound handheld technology for health care professionals to use with consumers/clients/patients in health care planning, goal setting and measuring progress.

Why did you get into research?

I am passionate about responding to and improving consumer health experiences with health professionals and service providers. In my many years of working in health, I believe our consumers are the most important in identifying and co-designing service improvements so we can achieve positive outcomes and efficiencies. I enjoy working with individuals and groups where I can offer guidance and mentoring in facilitating change and service improvements in community and health service settings.  

What would be the ultimate goal for your research?

Through contributing to design and implementation of innovative and inter-professional team practice approaches, increase peoples’ capabilities to live healthier lives.

Ultimately contribute to growing great nurses and health professionals who continually strive to be part of a positive industry culture that values us and our consumers.


Simone Perry is a course coordinator in the Clinical Medicine, Leadership & Management Masters Program, working with senior colleagues within the School of Medicine & Public Health. Her role involves working with health professionals from various discipline backgrounds to enhance their understanding of and capacity for leading and managing within inter-professional work environments for the purpose of improving health care and outcomes for people.

Simone has significant experience in developing and leading inter professional health teams and projects across tertiary, secondary and primary level services. Whilst completing her Master of Health Practice, working as a Senior Planner with the Department of Health, she was responsible for identifying and designing service improvements with key stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes and efficiencies in Stroke Care, and the Pregnancy, Newborn and Early Childhood Program.

Simone has extensive experience in facilitating change management and consumer focused service improvements in health service settings using service improvement methodology and team-based project management approaches.

Future Focus

Growing positive industry culture that values us and our consumers, through developing health teams and services with nursing, medical and allied health professionals together with consumers and industry partners.

Specialised/Technical Skills

  • Consumer focused health professional, experienced in;
  • Identifying opportunities, integrating ideas and finding solutions to problems,
  • Building positive working relationships with internal and external key stakeholders,
  • Leading and motivating people in teams to work collaboratively to achieve agreed goals,
  • Mentoring, coaching and professional supervision with training and qualified professionals,
  • Guiding and motivating key stakeholders through organisational changes,
  • Responsible management and co-ordination of projects within a set timeframe and agreed budget
  • Synthesis and translation of high-level strategic plans into service development project plans and action plans


Teaching Academic in the Faculty of Health & Medicine at University of Newcastle

Member of;

  • The Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Resource Repository Editorial Group in The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE)
  • The International Society for Quality in Health Care
  • Living Circle Community Group
  • Griffith University Industry Mentoring Program - Global E Mentor since 2017
  • University of Newcastle iLEAD Plus Mentoring Program - Mentor since 2018