Our Parkinson's & Gut Health - Your Microbiome session is now sold out.

Please email HMRI via donate@hmri.org.au or call (02) 4042 1000 during business hours to be placed on waitlist. 

This session is part of the HMRI Healthy Ageing for Seniors Festival.

Learn how to stay strong and healthy in your senior years with the latest medical research findings and practical advice on Parkinson's disease and your gut health.

The microbiome plays a key role in gut health and diseases from Parkinson’s to dyspepsia, cancer, mental health and more.

From kombucha to kimchi, digestive health is a hot topic in the wellbeing sphere, but how can we sort fact from fiction?

Should you be taking probiotics to improve gut health? What does the science say?

Hear from leading experts in gut health about the microbiome, understanding the relationship between food, gut health and gastrointestinal health and disorder.

When is the session?
  • Friday 10th February 2023
  • 1pm - 3pm
Where is the session?
  • NEX (Newcastle Exhibition & Convention Centre), Newcastle
  • 309 King St, Newcastle West NSW 2302
Does it cost?

No. This session is absolutely free. 

However, this is a ticketed event. We have limited capacity so make sure you register your spot below.


Parking is available at NEX (fees apply - click here for more details). Street parking is also available.

Who is this session for?

This session is designed for seniors who want to learn more about their gut health, microbiome and how gut health is connected to Parkinson's disease among other diseases. 

You'll hear from some of our leading researchers including:
  1. Laureate Professor Nick Talley
    Nick is a gastroenterologist with a special interest in neurogastroenterology, inflammation and infection. Laureate Professor Talley is considered an international authority in the field.

    Nick's research covers the local and systemic effects of low grade inflammation in the gut, the role of the gut micro-organisms and the gut-brain axis.
  2. Professor Simon Keely 
    Simon leads the HMRI Immune Health research program and established the Gastrointestinal Research Group which specialises in gastrointestinal inflammation contributes to disease in other organs, including Parkinson's disease.

    Simon's research interests include how gastrointestinal inflammation contributes to disease in other organs and microbiome-gut-brain interactions in disease and development.

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