Leave a Bequest

Leave a Bequest to HMRI

By remembering HMRI with a bequest in your Will, you can leave a lasting gift that will help us improve the health and wellbeing of your loved ones and give hope to people around the region and the rest of the world.

Making a bequest to HMRI is an important decision, one which represents an opportunity for you to make a much greater gift to medical research than you may otherwise be able to afford in your lifetime.

Whatever the size, every bequest is important to us. Our current policy is to invest all bequests (unless you specify otherwise). That way, interest accrues to provide ongoing income into the future, enabling us to fund new research projects each year as part of our annual grants round.

We have prepared a brochure with more detailed information about leaving a bequest to HMRI.

Click here to download the full colour brochure (.pdf)


How to leave a bequest

When making a Will, your first priority should be to ensure that it reflects the way you want to look after your family. Once that is done, including a bequest to HMRI is an easy process. You can either include the bequest when you write your Will, or simply add a clause to your existing Will by adding a codicil or by updating your Will. In either case, you should seek professional advice from a legal adviser to ensure your wishes are recorded in a legally binding way.

Types of bequests

There are three main types of bequests you may like to consider.

  • A residuary bequest: this type of gift is most popular because it allows you to look after your family and friends, as well as your chosen charities in a way that maintains relative value over time. You can choose to give a portion of, or the balance of, your estate to HMRI. Essentially it is the amount that remains after all other gifts, debts, liabilities and costs have been paid or satisfied. Such a gift is commonly referred to as a “percentage of the residue”.
  • A specific bequest: this type of gift is for a specified sum of money or specified asset (such as shares, jewellery or other personal property).
  • A charitable trust or endowment: this is where the terms of your Will provide for the establishment of an ongoing trust for the benefit of HMRI.

How will HMRI use my bequest?

A general-purpose bequest is the most flexible, as it gives HMRI the ability to decide (through our competitive Annual Grants Round) which activities and projects are funded by your bequest in response to changing needs and priorities.

However, some people like to choose which area of research (such as asthma or cancer research) they support with their bequest. HMRI does this by making your funding available (again through our Annual Grants Round) for research in the specified discipline with criteria our researchers must meet

Each of the above types of bequests can be given either for general purposes or for a specified purpose set out in your Will.

Wording to use in your Will

For the best wording to use when making a bequest to HMRI you can download our handy one page guide to help you or your legal adviser in the preparation of your Will.

Download your one page guide here.


Friends for the Future

By letting us know that you have included HMRI in your Will, it provides us the opportunity to personally thank you. It also allows you to become a member of our Friends for the Future supporter group – a very special group of people who have chosen to support us in this way.

It is also a great way to be involved with HMRI during your lifetime. We can keep you up to date with our research and include you on our invitation list to special events.

It is an honour for HMRI to receive a bequest and something we take seriously. Once you advise us you would like to leave a bequest, we will work with you to create a legacy you can be proud of.

For a confidential conversation and to find out more information about leaving a bequest to HMRI, please contact the HMRI Bequest Officer, Julia Berry.

Phone: (02) 4042 0581

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