You can help us to map out how fatigue affects stroke survivors. What treatments you have tried? What works for you? What has been unhelpful?

We are looking for:

1) People with stroke over 18 years who are/have experienced self-reported post-stroke fatigue, 2) Living in the community 3) Willing to participate in an interview


1) People over 18 years who are a carer (family member/friend) for a stroke survivor with post-stroke fatigue.

Take part in a 20-30min discussion at your home, with Dr Dawn Simpson

We can

  • talk to you on the phone or by videocall, or
  • visit you at your home if you live in the Hunter area (if you have aphasia and need communication support),

Image: Dr Dawn Simpson

The aim of the discussion is to:

  • Understand the impact of living with post-stroke fatigue for stroke survivors and for people who care for stroke survivors
  • Explore the strategies you use for managing post-stroke fatigue and understand how you find out about these strategies
  • Find out what people with post-stroke fatigue find helpful and unhelpful.

Click here for the Participant Information Statement or Click here for aphasia-friendly Participant information Statement

Speak to the research team:

Dr Dawn Simpson  or 02 40420822

Dr Margaret Galloway - or 02 40420999

Professor Coralie English  or 02 49138102

Note to health professionals and our community

  • This study is part a multi-phase project .
  • We’ve put our heads together with top stroke researchers in the UK, Professor Avril Drummond and her team (University of Nottingham, UK) to explore how fatigue after stroke affects Australian stroke survivors and their carers.
  • We have recently completed Phase 1 where we surveyed clinicians about their experience managing post-stroke fatigue.
  • If you’ve had a stroke you can join the Stroke Research Register (Hunter) and receive a personal invitation to take part in future phases of the project

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