Underpinned by community and corporate support, HMRI’s mission is to be an international leader in enabling discovery and translation of research that responds to pressing health needs.

Our ‘Major Gifts Program’ helps to fuel and fast-track this drive. It’s designed for companies, corporations, trusts and philanthropists who like to roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in a particular project as a way of making a direct and significant social impact.    

Hungry for details? Passionate for the cause? There are three excellent ways to provide research support:

 Project funding

Through HMRI you can engage personally with researchers and their ground-breaking work by funding a specific project grant that’s dear to your heart. Without needing a medical or science degree, you’ll gain first-hand insights along the way.

We understand that when someone close to you is impacted by illness it’s a natural response to target that field. It is very likely our researchers have a project just waiting for the right funding.

The minimum financial commitment for a donor-specified and customised project is $25,000 per annum. It’s incredibly satisfying for those looking to support research that can prevent disease or provide new therapies.

We’ll connect you directly with researchers and their projects. You can present the recipient with their grant funds at HMRI’s annual Awards Night in front of other donors, VIPs and researchers. The researcher also provides you with a progress report every six months.

 Scholarships and Travel Grants

The Hunter Region offers a fertile learning environment for up-and-coming researchers from the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Health, with mentoring provided by senior HMRI-aligned researchers and business leaders. 

By supporting HMRI you don’t just help find a cure … you help fund a career for a PhD student or post-graduate researcher.

The future of medical research arguably belongs to these brilliant young minds. It’s a long and costly journey ahead, but investing in them now ensures they can repay the community support in years to come – perhaps even help your family.

Research scholarships and travel grants are the most direct, effective and rewarding way of kick-starting a career, empowering the researcher to build their knowledge and networking platforms.

A scholarship allows income for living and work expenses incurred by the researcher during their study, training and research, while travel grants provide opportunities to attend conferences, visit other institutes and collaborate closely with international experts.

HMRI can help select candidates, or donors can engage personally with researchers and choose whom they wish to support – in the case of a PHD student this can help to focus their time and energy to a particular research field.

  • Donors can support PHD students with a scholarship of $25,000 per year for three years  
  • Or a top-up scholarship of $10,000 per year for three years as an extra enticement for students who hold an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
  • Travel grants are priced from $5,000 upwards; multiple travel grants can be provided
 Strategic Innovation Fund

Each day the medical landscape brings exciting innovations and opportunities, and HMRI is positioned as a key site for future commercialisation and industry engagement, where researchers, innovators and industry investors become partners in progress.

Our Strategic Innovation Fund is effectively the ‘oil’ that keeps the wheels in motion, allowing HMRI to embrace discoveries in diagnostics and therapeutics and be part of a very select scientific community with the latest, cutting-edge technologies.

From $25,000 upwards – the equivalent of a named research project – new strategic opportunities can be seized that can accelerate research across a range of disease areas.

As a corporate partner we seek out research projects that meet your aims and provide tailored communications for your staff and the broader community, through press launches, social media content, presentations for the Board, staff engagement in research and more.

You become a member of an exceptional community of key supporters who are invited to VIP events. Regular reports and face-to-face meetings with researchers are also provided to report progress and impact.

To be contacted by one of fundraising team members about major gifts please fill out the form below or phone 1300 993 822 or (02) 4042 1000.


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Libby Rodgers-McPhee

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