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The logistics of running a multidisciplinary medical research institute are almost as intricate as the disease processes that motivate it, but there is a way of focusing research energies to ensure maximum return. It’s called translational research – and HMRI is one of its pioneers.

As the conduit linking the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Health and the Community, HMRI uses donations to facilitate the knowledge-flow from laboratory-to-clinic and clinic-to-laboratory.

Translational research can happen in a test tube, in a clinical trial, or it can happen with people following new health guidelines or lifestyle programs developed by HMRI-aligned research teams. 

Our objectives are driven by community health needs and the outcomes have tangible benefits for those who support it. 

Your donations help HMRI support research in numerous ways:

  • Seed-funding new projects 
  • Strategic funding of new innovations
  • Equipment purchases
  • Facilitating collaborations through travel grants etc
  • Education and networking with research lectures
  • Providing logistical support, such as statistics and IT, for research projects 
  • Engaging with the community through tours, seminars, media

Throughout the year, culminating with an annual Awards Night, HMRI conducts a competitive grants process where an expert panel determines what projects and equipment will receive funding. They are guided by donor wishes where specified.

We assist researchers in applying for external grants from international Trusts and Foundations and, through our Development Team, strive to secure backing for specific projects on the waiting-list.

It’s translational efficiency at work, along with the economies-of scale resulting from being NSW’s second largest medical research institute.

With your donation, we can fuel our research now and find new treatments faster.