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A child’s first day on earth should not be their hardest...or their last.

BorneHMRI is a science collaboration between Borne and Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) researchers dedicated to finding answers and solutions to preterm birth.

BorneHMRI raises vital funds to enable Australian researchers to be part of the global village of leading medical researchers participating in the Borne Collaborative to conduct life-changing research projects which will provide the solutions to change the outcomes of preterm birth.

BorneHMRI's key aim is to significantly reduce the prevalence and impact of preterm birth by funding HMRI researchers to solve a global problem.

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Today, if a woman goes into preterm labour, doctors have very limited options to stop the process of birth happening or indeed keep the baby in the womb for longer. Medical research has shown that babies born
preterm have a higher susceptibility to disability and poorer economic and social outcomes.

The consequences of not having better clinical solutions to prevent preterm birth affects the baby well into their future.

Imagine if we could predict the likelihood of a woman delivering her baby preterm and develop precision medicine approaches for that mother and baby to deliver at full term?

Our Team

Laureate Professor Roger Smith AM and his team are dedicated to finding ways to identify women at risk of preterm birth and developing personalised medicine approaches for these women at risk so that these women can deliver
babies born at the right weight for the right time for better lifelong outcomes. The HMRI team collaborates globally with leading researchers from around the world who are dedicated to finding answers through the Borne Collaborative.

BorneHMRI researchers are developing new strategies to identify women at high risk of preterm birth. These strategies include identifying molecules in the blood of the mother that indicate risk.

BorneHMRI acknowledges the pain of preterm birth for parents and families. The research team is seeking the support of the community to help translate the research of today into the treatments and care of tomorrow.

Every child deserves the chance to a full and healthy life.

By supporting BorneHMRI, you can support Australian world-class researchers save and change the lives not only of the babies affected by preterm birth but their families too.



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