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Our Mission is your Mission

Our mission is to deliver focussed and streamlined clinical trials which improve patient outcomes, patient experience and healthcare.

Clinical trials are the essential tool to answer new questions and test old assumptions in healthcare, but trials are complex projects, requiring specific skills, language, practice and knowledge – and it is professional trial coordinators that provide this expertise.

Doing things differently…  clinical trial coordination as a service

With our focus on swifter translation of health research into the clinic, we established the HMRI Clinical Trials Unit to provide clinical trial coordination as a service. To enable more clinicians to start clinical trials, or to supplement your existing portfolio, our goal is to facilitate and enable you by offering:

  • Clinical trial conduct from beginning-to-end
  • Consulting to assist existing teams
  • Discrete services within your current trial

Our aim is that you experience:

  • Quicker/easier navigation of site governance process
  • Robust recruitment and data collection
  • Easier participation in clinical trials
  • A smooth and seamless journey through a clinical trial
How we can help you

Our team brings knowledge and skills to complement those of our partners and colleagues to support our clients to prepare, design, secure approvals, recruit, execute and evaluate successful clinical trials. 

Our consultative and collaborative approach is designed to build capacity in your teams and across the clinical trials sector.

What can we do for you?

We aim to support you throughout the whole journey or work with you to identify which areas you have resourcing gaps that we can fill.  

Some of the key services we can provide

  • Confidentiality Non-Disclosure negotiation
  • Trial Feasibility Questionnaire Completion Assistance
  • Site Selection Visit
  • Clinical Trial Research Agreement negotiation
  • Site Initiation/Activation Activities
  • HREC/RGO Submission (Initial/Ongoing)
  • Site Study Coordination, including screening, registration, randomisation, assessments and activity coordination
  • Study Close Out Activities
  • Site Fee Management / Payment Tracking
  • Consultation Services

We work with other professional teams at HMRI in Clinical Research Design & Statistics and Health Research Economics to provide a portfolio of services across the clinical research project pathway. 

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Clinical Trials Unit

Dr Craig Gedye

Dr Craig Gedye

Director HMRI Clinical Trials
Naomi Knoblauch | HMRI

Naomi Knoblauch

Program Manager, Clinical Trials Unit
Rochelle Thornton

Rochelle Thornton

Clinical Trials Coordinator
Catherine Johnson HMRI

Catherine Johnson

Clinical Trials Network Officer
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