fbpx Counting the carbohydrate, fat and protein: An insulin dosing app to improve blood glucose levels in Type 1 Diabetes in children and adolescents using insulin pump therapy | HMRI

This is particularly challenging in insulin pump therapy where decisions are made by families on a daily basis regarding the dose, split and duration of delivery of the insulin for their child.  Using a tool to translate study findings into daily practice will be highly beneficial for families.

Previous studies have demonstrated that smartphone applications can reduce insulin dose errors, support self-management and improve glycaemic control.  An insulin dosing application is the ideal tool to guide complicated adjustments for children and young people.

We will be conducting a randomised control trial using OptimAAPP to optimise dosing for fat, protein and carbohydrate in children and adolescents using insulin pump therapy.  We have been contacted by people from all over Australia keen to participate in the immune pump therapy arm of the study."


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