fbpx Development and evaluation of an eHealth weight loss intervention for young overweight women | HMRI

Weight loss interventions that appeal to and engage young women, as well as meet their individualised needs, are required. The potential for eHealth interventions to achieve significant weight loss has been highlighted, but their ability to engage young women is not proven. This project will assess the needs of young women for an eHealth weight loss intervention, as well as identify the most effective obesity treatment strategies for young women via a systematic review of the literature. The study will develop and evaluate a novel eHealth intervention. It will be targeted to young overweight women, who are at risk of progressing to obesity, and aims to reverse the weight gain trajectory through modest weight loss

  • $5,000 salary top-up for the APA or UoN scholarship.
  • $5,000 towards the costs associated with your PhD research program ----- changed Nov12 to salary only-----

NOVEMBER 2013 - Additional $10K awarded


Kristine Pezdirc, Professor Clare Collins and Dr Melinda Neve

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