Dopamine and droperidol are drugs used in modern anaesthetic practice. Both drugs are known to modulate carotid body function via an action on dopamine type-2 receptors. 

Most previous studies relate to the modulation of ventilation during hypoxia, but effects on integrated protective reflexes including cardiovascular effects are not well defined. Such effects are mediated by both peripheral and central nervous mechanisms. The proposed study will allow the investigation of both drugs in an awake integrated whole animal model. By analysing both the behavioural and cardio-respiratory changes that occur to these reflex mechanisms before and during dopamine or droperidol administration, it will be possible to assess not only the mechanisms of action of these drugs, but further to define possible selective effects on the chemoreflex during hypoxia. The aim is to characterise the effect of increasing doses of each drug on the integrated cardiorespiratory responses to hypoxia in the laboratory model.


Professor Anthony Quail, Associate Professor David Cottee

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