The first 6 months have been spent setting up project and applying for further funding.

The environmental enrichment project, ‘Altering the Rehabilitation Environment to Improve Stroke Survivor Activity (AREISSA): A Phase II Trial’ is progressing well:

  • protocol and site documentation has been written and training packages for outcome assessors are in progress 
  • trial is registered with the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry
  • an ethics application has been submitted to HNEH Human Research Ethics Committee and is awaiting approval. 
  • 3 of the 4 sites required for conduct of the trial have been confirmed with the final site set to confirm at the end of this month
  • AREISSA online database development (near completed)
  • collaborations established with researchers in Melbourne and Adelaide 
  • grant applications submitted to the following bodies to support trial related costs 
    • NHMRC Project Grant (outcome pending-Oct 2013)
    • Brain Foundation Gift (outcome pending end of Sept 2013)
    • NSW Cardiovascular Research Network Research Development Project Grant (outcome pending-Nov 2013)
    • NSW Neurological Conditions Translational Research Grants Program (unsuccessful)
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