Most deaths by suicide are among young people.

A death by suicide has a flow-on effect, impacting the lives of any number of individuals – from family to friends, colleagues, clinicians, coronial staff, volunteers of bereavement support services and other associates – who inevitably suffer intense and conflicted emotional distress in response to a death of this kind. Suicide is an under researched problem in Australia, particularly among young people. Little is known about the risk factors for suicide among young Australians (gender, age, education, occupation, residence, socio economic status) and even less is known about the prevention of suicide due to a lack of awareness of suicide as a major problem and the taboo in many societies to discuss it openly. Our project brings together leading Australian mental health researchers that will work collaboratively to generate output that will contribute to our knowledge about suicide among young people and strengthen the evidence base for effective policy.


Professor Chris Doran, Dr Rod Ling

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