HMRI receives funding from the Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR), based at the NSW Ministry of Health, under the Medical Research Support Program (MRSP). This funding program provides infrastructure support to independent Medical Research Institutes in NSW and has been a valuable form of support for HMRI since it started in 2003.

It is estimated that for every dollar of research funding received an additional 60-80 cents is needed to cover the indirect costs of medical research. MRSP is the major source of infrastructure support for HMRI to cover these costs and allows us to increase our capacity to deliver world class health and medical research through the provision of essential infrastructure.

MRSP funding received allows HMRI to provide important researcher services, direct research program support for the six HMRI Research Programs, support for emerging programs and networks within the HMRI Research Community and other crucial support such as that for students, early career researchers and networking opportunities.