Donor Relations

Our Donor Relations Team manages the relationship between researchers (or research groups) and donors. HMRI’s Donor Relations Team can help to:

  • Connect donors to researchers and specific disease/research areas
  • Manage the relationship between donors and researchers
  • Work to grow the donor base and seek new opportunities and avenues for potential research support.

The Donor Relations Team also coordinates speaking engagements for donors and community groups. This is often around a specific research focus, and researchers are often approached to present about their work. This helps connect your research to the community, and forms strong links between researchers and donors or potential donors.

Events and Community Partnerships

Events and Community Partnerships supports researchers and research groups in their fundraising efforts for general and specific research areas.

This includes:

  • Assistance to promote your research area through a fundraising event

  • Assistance and liaison for researcher contacts who may be interested in fundraising for research

  • Connecting researchers with fundraisers who are specifically raising funds for their area of research through speaking opportunities

  • Assistance with ticketing for research events and general event advice.

*Indicates a compulsory field