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There is often a feeling of helplessness when illness strikes you or someone close but there is something you can do to help. By hosting, or participating in, an HMRI fundraising event you become one of the vital pieces in the medical research puzzle.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from – everyone can help, whether it’s through your work, school, club or you go it alone as an individual. Every dollar helps our researchers bring their discoveries to life.

By running your own event, you can involve your family, friends and colleagues while raising awareness and helping those in your community who are sick and desperately hoping for a cure. One day in the future it may even help you or your loved ones.

A morning tea, a sports activity, a movie night, a market stall – the choice is yours. There’s also a range of existing events like golf days, triathlons, bike rides and luncheons that directly or partially support HMRI. You can take part or sponsor people who are already entered.

It’s rewarding from a personal sense and as a social team-building exercise. It’s also rewarding financially for researchers who rely on community support to seed-fund new pilot projects.

Are you feeling inspired but wondering how to start raising money?

To assist you in organising your HMRI event, we’ve compiled a Fundraising Proposal and Agreement outlining the key activities and information you need to confirm and comply with relevant fundraising regulations.

It also helps us determine how we can best support you, to ensure your event is a success.

 Request a Fundraising Proposal and Agreement Form

To assist you in organising your event we have compiled a Fundraising Proposal and Agreement. It outlines the key activities and information that you will need to confirm and comply with relevant fundraising regulations.  It also assists HMRI in determining how we can best support you to ensure your event is a success.

Request your Fundraising Proposal and Agreement form by completing the form below.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive an Authority to Fundraise certificate and a letter (including your reference number and financial details).

HMRI can also provide receipt books, HMRI branded generic raffle tickets, publicity through our website, newsletter and social media channels and other items to assist you. Our friendly events team can answer any questions you have about fundraising for HMRI or your application form.

 Build your Fundraising page

To make fundraising even easier, we've partnered with Grassrootz to help you create your own secure, online fundraising page. It takes just a few minutes to set up and customise your page.

  1. Head to our HMRI Grassrootz page here.
  2. Click the Fundraise button and enter your details.
  3. Follow the prompts to set your fundraising target
  4. Share your page with friends, family and potential donors!

Every donation is recorded on your fundraising page along with a message of support from your donors.

You can set goals, track your progress and see your impact. You can choose to tie your fundraiser to an event or a challenge (such as a running or walking challenge). 

All receipting and processing of donations is taken care of, allowing you to focus on your fundraiser. It’s a great way to reach lots of people! 

Start today!

Offline Donations

Some donors prefer to give you cash or cheques, rather than going online, in which case you can make the total payment of monies collected with your credit card or arrange a bank transfer. We can provide your offline sponsors with a tax deductible receipt if they give you their details.

To discuss your fundraising event ideas or receive more information, please call the HMRI Philanthropy team on 1300 993 822 or email donate@hmri.org.au

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