The Hunter Transplant Research Foundation (HTRF) was established to address problems in transplant clinical practice, by integrating research in transplant immunology with practice. The vision for HTRF is to create a dynamic alliance between the laboratory and clinic; and other national and international transplant research centres.

HTRF is authorised to fundraise through HMRI and receives recommendations from the Hunter Transplant Research Advisory Committee (HTRAC) for the allocation of funding to the Hibberd Centre for Transplant Immunology.

The Foundation organises and promotes fundraising activities to support research into:

  • tolerance in transplantation and detecting tolerant transplant recipients
  • antibody-mediated rejection, improving its diagnosis and treatment in the clinic
  • applying the genome related technologies of systems biology to the clinic
  • defining the risk factors and pathogenesis of cancer in transplant recipients
  • preventative treatments for ischaemia/reperfusion injury which all transplanted organs suffer

With funding from HTRF, the Hibberd Centre for Transplant Immunology facilitates the research training of advanced trainee physicians and surgeons and post-doctoral scientists in transplantation The Centre also collaborates with many teams across the Hunter, as well as other national and international centres, creating future clinical applications that have been built on research from the Newcastle Transplant Unit in the last 25 years.


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