Anti-ageing study recognised by industry

Jul 30 2020

The RESHAW study has been selected as a finalist in the NutraIngredients Asia Awards.

The largest study of its kind, RESHAW has explored the benefits of Resveratrol in Postmenopausal women in cognitive performance.

Conducted by HMRI-affiliated researchers Dr Rachel Wong, Jay Jay Thaung Zaw and Emeritus Professor Peter Howe at the University of Newcastle's Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, RESHAW is the largest, longest-running study of its kind with resveratrol.

Supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Australian Research Council (NHMRC-ARC) and a grant from Evolva, RESHAW was designed to investigate the impact of resveratrol supplementation on cognitive performance, along with a wide range of secondary outcomes, including body composition and perceptions of wellbeing, physical function, and pain.

In a randomised trial, women were given two capsules per day – one group with 75mg of resveratrol, the other with a placebo.

The results were promising: “We observed an improvement in overall cognitive performance which appeared to be due to improvements in processing speed and cognitive flexibility,” said Dr Wong, “which are critical to supporting executive function in the aging population.”