Coronavirus (COVID-19) - how we can all help control the spread

Apr 4 2020

We’re all in this together, and every single person has a role to play in controlling the spread of COVID-19. We’ve asked HMRI affiliated researchers and clinicians for their advice on controlling the spread and how we can all help.

Jessica Stokes-Parish offers her tips on controlling the spread through cleanliness and hygiene. “We need to take it seriously and follow the government’s and World Health Organization’s advice.”

When self-isolating with a person who has COVID-19 or is symptomatic, good hygiene is one positive thing we can do to help control the spread. We should be cleaning our homes at least once a day

Bleach is the best for cleaning surfaces and disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces. Benches, handles and light fittings should be cleaned daily using a 10% bleach to 90% water solution.

Alcohol, 70% concentration is also good for cleaning. For high touch surfaces such as phones, that should be done multiple times a day.

If you do test positive you’ll need to go into self-isolation at home, with absolutely no contact with other people. You should not share bedding with another person, and avoid using the same bathroom if possible. If you only have one bathroom, clean surfaces thoroughly after use. Dishes, cups and cutlery should be run through the dishwasher as the high heat will help to killing the virus.

Professor Josh Davis says that people need to realise that they’re doing this to protect themselves and their family – and other people as well.

“This is affecting everyone, we all need to contribute to the effort of doing this right now. We want to go down the line of our Asian neighbours who had very effective public health interventions to slow down the spread and spread it out over time which helped their health system to cope."

For up to date information and advice about the current COVID-19 situation please visit the Australian Government Department of HealthNSW Health and World Health Organisation websites.

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