National Volunteers Week 2021: Welcome back to our volunteers
May 18, 2021

After a long break due to the pandemic, we have been delighted to welcome back our fabulous volunteers to HMRI.

2021 Gastronomic Lunch raises over $114,000 for diabetes research
May 18, 2021

After being cancelled last year due to the Pandemic, the Gastronomic Lunch of the year was welcomed back in style at Scratchley's on Sunday, 2 May.

Giving existing drugs a second chance
May 14, 2021

Preventing the early onset of labour is vital in the fight against pre-term birth but unfortunately developing new drugs is a long and difficult process. Fortunately, there are already several well-studied existing drugs that are known to prevent early labour or stop labour once it has begun.

Borne HMRI Fellowship Appointed for Preterm Birth Research
May 14, 2021

Early-career researchers are the driving force behind successful advances in science and technology. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, Borne HMRI has announced the appointment of the first Borne HMRI Early-Career Fellowship - Carol Wang.

International Day of the Midwife: Celebrating Midwives in Medical Research
May 5, 2021

Midwives play an important role in maternal and newborn health and wellbeing.
On 5 May 2021, we celebrate International Day of the Midwife and acknowledge this contribution and recognise the extraordinary profession and the role it plays in society.

Hunter sleep expert shares advice as report shows cost of poor sleep in Australia
April 29, 2021

HMRI researcher Dr Gemma Paech, a senior sleep scientist at John Hunter Hospital, said the key to getting a better night's sleep often came down to consistency, some calm, tech-free time before bed, and creating a bedroom environment conducive to sleep.

Originally published in The Newcastle Herald

Meeting of Minds: Online Stroke Q&A with Professor Chris Levi, Professor Coralie English and Meredith Burke
April 28, 2021

We sat down with Professor Chris Levi, Professor Coralie English and stroke survivor Meredith Burke for an exclusive online community Q&A about stroke.

Hair reveals short, intense exercise sessions conquer school stress
April 22, 2021

For the first time, measuring the levels of the stress hormone Cortisol in the hair of senior school students has proven that short, high-intensity exercise significantly reduces stress and improves memory, overall wellbeing and fitness in adolescents.

April 20, 2021

One of the largest crowd-sourced public health surveillance systems in the world, known for detecting the spread of influenza, has revealed the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted the 2020 flu season.

March 26, 2021

Join us alongside HMRI researchers Professor Deborah Loxton, Dr Nicole Nathan and Emmalee Ford as we look at women's health across all age groups and what the research is telling us.
We'll discuss fertility, reproductive health and wellbeing, the factors that influence womens' long term health and the health issues women face today.