What is seitan? The vegan protein alternative going viral online
March 19, 2021

The trend towards vegetarian and vegan diets means more people are looking for meat-free protein alternatives.

Enter seitan (pronounced say-tan), the latest food trend that’s going viral online.

by Dr Kerith Duncanson- Accredited Practising Dietician. Originally featured in The Conversation.

Australian medical research community leads innovation for patients affected by respiratory conditions
March 17, 2021

World events have placed the spotlight on respiratory health like never before. From severe bushfires to COVID-19, Australians living with respiratory conditions continue to face new health pressures.

Through the 2020/21 Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS) program, GSK has committed a record of $6.9 million to continue supporting the health of Australians. More than 14 Australian research teams will be conducting studies in respiratory medicine, vaccines and oncology with the aim of improving health outcomes for patients.

Research shows possible link between number of fast-food outlets and heart attacks
March 15, 2021

Researchers from the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Health (HNE Health) have found that for each new fast-food outlet the number of heart attacks per 100,000 people went up by four.

Heart Health - from prevention to treatment
March 5, 2021

Cardiovascular health experts united at HMRI's first virtual community seminar for 2021. Watch the seminar and learn about how you can give your heart some tender loving care.

Thinking about trying collagen supplements for your skin? A healthy diet is better value for money
March 4, 2021

While some research has found benefits of collagen supplementation for some aspects of skin health, it’s a case of buyer beware.
This article was originally written for The Conversation by HMRI and the University of Newcastle's Laureate Professor Clare Collins.

Childhood obesity: the latest thinking on how to make a difference
March 3, 2021

In 1975, rates of childhood obesity were at four percent. By 2016, they'd risen to 18 percent. So what changes could help turn these rates of increase around?

Pearls of Port Stephens Show Support for HMRI Ovarian Cancer Research
February 24, 2021

With ovarian cancer sadly taking the lives of over 2/3 of people diagnosed in 5 years, Port Stephens-based fundraising group 'The Pearls of Port Stephens' recently donated more than $3,000 to HMRI to support ovarian cancer research.

Digital tool to dial back COVID-19 anxiety, depression and alcohol use
February 22, 2021

With more than a third of Australians now drinking alcohol daily, compared to 6 percent pre-COVID-19, researchers are developing a digital tool to help communities manage the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.

Meet Laureate Professor Nick Talley: HMRI 2020 Researcher of the Year
February 17, 2021

Meet Laureate Professor Nick Talley, HMRI's 2020 Researcher of the Year. We sat down with Nick to discuss why a career as a gastroenterologist.

Research investment in stroke prevention
February 9, 2021

A new research program is set to investigate the use of innovative online technologies to empower Australians to avoid stroke.