HMRI researcher’s key role in development of preventative COVID-19 nasal spray
September 28, 2020

Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) respiratory researchers from the University of Newcastle have played an integral role in developing a new preventative nasal spray treatment by Australian biotech company, Ena Respiratory, that could protect people from COVID-19 infection and prevent transmission.

Diet and Gut Health: A Q&A with Dr Kerith Duncanson
September 17, 2020

Your questions answered! We sat down with dietitian Dr Kerith Duncanson following our popular Gut Health community seminar and she answered some of the gutsy questions asked by you!

Gut Health: The Inside Story Community Seminar
September 17, 2020

HMRI recently hosted the incredibly popular Gut Health: The Inside Story virtual community seminar. Learn about some real gutsy issues and have your questions answered by our team of gastrointestinal experts.

Taking digestive health research to the next level
September 7, 2020

With unexplained gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms a common and costly burden for many Australians, a new NHMRC funded Centre for Research Excellence will be launched on Wednesday 9 September, to advance the understanding, identification and treatment of chronic digestive diseases.

Advice for New Dads from their Baby...via Text
September 6, 2020

From this Fathers’ Day, 30,000 NSW fathers will get the chance to have messages from their new baby even if it’s before the birth. Researchers from the University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) have created a digital platform to deliver advice and guidance directly to new dads via text.

Funding to pump new research into the Hunter
September 4, 2020

Each year in the Hunter New England (HNE) region, over 900 people experience their first heart attack, placing HNE within NSW’s highest cardiovascular disease mortality band.

In an effort to reduce the region’s risk of heart disease, researchers from NSW Regional Health Partners (NSWRHP) including the University of Newcastle, Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and Hunter New England Health have been awarded a Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant of over $1 million.

STRONGer for Longer in Newcastle
September 3, 2020

STRONG is a clinical trial which aims to prevent the loss of strength and function that occurs as we age.

Mark Hughes co-founder Mark Hughes
September 2, 2020

A pilot study of an online portal called the MHF Breathing Space has opened to support people sharing the brain cancer journey with a loved one. 

Breaking Barriers and Crossing Borders - Innovative Education Training Platform TACTICS VR Launched in South Australia
September 2, 2020

The University of Newcastle’s Centre for Advanced Training Systems (ATS) is excited to deploy their TACTICS VR: Acute Stroke Workflow training tool to 7 interstate sites in South Australia, as part of the next phase of the TACTICS clinical trial. 

It's time to talk about poo!
September 1, 2020

Dr Bridie Goggins is a postdoctoral researcher working in the Gastrointestinal Research Group at HMRI. But (probably more famously) she's the brains behind HMRI's 2019 Open Day's hugely popular Poo Room. Bridie conceived of the Poo Room to demystify and de-stigmatise the gut, and poo. We don't often talk about poo, or people who are suffering with gut problems. Bridie wants to change that.