Would you like a trial run a being a new parent?
August 10, 2018

A pilot interactive online game is giving new parents valuable information and a safe environment to test their parenting decisions.

Farm in Drought
July 31, 2018

Hunter research study finds young farmers who live and work on farms in isolated areas and are in financial hardship are the most likely to experience personal drought-related psychological stress.

Donald Hunter
July 26, 2018

Researchers are seeking participants for a new clinical study focused on shoulder impingement syndrome, the most common cause of shoulder pain.

$2.35m for translational health studies
July 25, 2018

HMRI-affiliated researchers have been awarded $2,352,889 towards their translation research projects by the NSW Government.

Dr Adjanie Patabendige and Associate Professor Doan Ngo
July 16, 2018

Two researchers have secured more than $1.16 million in NSW Government funding to explore early intervention methods for cancer and stroke.

July 13, 2018

A Hunter family, who wish to remain anonymous, have made a huge impact with a record $1.71 million bequest to HMRI.

Professor David Lubans
July 4, 2018

The iPlay fitness program, an evolution of HMRI's SCORES, has more than halved cardiovascular disease risk in primary school kids.

Associate Professor Darren Shafren
July 2, 2018

Leading pharmaceutical company Merck has completed its buyout of virotherapy firm Viralytics, founded in Newcastle by Associate Professor Darren Shafren.

Professor Tom Walley
July 2, 2018

Leading UK research academic Professor Tom Walley has been announced as the incoming Director of HMRI, following a successful international recruitment drive.

Professor David Durrheim
July 2, 2018

Professor David Durrheim has received $1.48 million from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to strengthen health security throughout the Pacific.