Conjoint Professor Chris Levi
January 19, 2018

Conjoint Professor Chris Levi has received $577,000 from the Medical Research Future Fund to support his clot-busting stroke trial.

Professor Michael Nilsson and George Rafty
December 18, 2017

Real estate agency First National Newcastle City has donated $20,000 to HMRI, raised during their annual Spring Fling auction event.

Laureate Professor Nick Talley
December 15, 2017

Google Scholar has confirmed that Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley from HMRI'S VIVA program is Australia’s most cited academic.

Nutrition researchers
December 14, 2017

A Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant will help develop new technology for assessing food and nutrient intakes of people living in poorer communities.

Paramedic training
December 12, 2017

A $5.2 million philanthropic gift to HMRI will help to advance emergency out-of-hospital paramedical treatment and telehealth care for patients across NSW.

Professor Andrew Boyle
December 11, 2017

Six HMRI-affiliated researchers will focus on helping Australians have better heart health after securing more than $750,000 in funding.

Professor Michael Nilsson
December 8, 2017

HMRI has embarked on an international search for a new Institute Director as current leader Professor Michael Nilsson prepares to transition to a new role.

Associate Professor Gillian Gould
December 6, 2017

Nicotine replacement therapy is safer than smoking during pregnancy, a new review in the Medical Journal of Australia has found.

Dr Kelly McKelvey
December 5, 2017

A Fellowship honouring the late Matt Callander is helping Sydney neuroscientist Dr Kelly McKelvey to optimise brain cancer treatment options.

Associate Professor Pradeep Tanwar
November 27, 2017

An underlying mechanism linking obesity with the development of endometrial cancer has been demonstrated by a HMRI research team.