Dr Craig Dalton
May 25, 2018

The online FluTracking surveillance system has expanded its reach across the Tasman for the first time this year.

Professor Clare Collins
May 21, 2018

HMRI Researcher of the Year, Professor Clare Collins, has been awarded the DAA President’s Award for Innovation for her work developing the Healthy Eating Quiz™.

Associate Professor Tracy Burrows
May 18, 2018

Associate Professor Tracy Burrows has been awarded the prestigious title of Fellow by the Dietitian’s Association of Australia (DAA).

Professors Rick Thorne and Xu Dong Zhang
May 18, 2018

Genes that were thought to be ‘non-functioning’ could now play a role in developing new cancer treatments

Professor Joerg Mattes and Dr Vanessa Murphy
May 16, 2018

Researchers have confirmed that when a woman’s asthma medication is optimally controlled during pregnancy, the rate of asthma in her offspring is nearly halved.

Associate Professor Joerg Lehmann
May 7, 2018

Breast cancer patients will soon receive more precise and potentially life-saving radiation therapy thanks to a unique program being developed in conjunction with HMRI researchers.

Associate Professor Carmel Loughland
May 7, 2018

A hugely successful Gastronomic Lunch has raised over $100,000 to primarily support a project aiming to teach autistic children to look people in the eyes.

Can you eat your way out of a migraine?
May 1, 2018

While specific foods can trigger migraines, researchers from the University of Newcastle and HMRI want to trial a new diet therapy and test whether it can help relieve or improve migraines.

Quit smoking
April 30, 2018

Survey of oncologists highlights evidence-practice gap in smoking cessation care.

Findings reveal under-reported groin pain in basketballers
April 30, 2018

An Australian study has revealed the rate of groin injuries among basketball players could be 10 times higher than previously reported, causing significant impact on player performance and quality of life.