Knitting, Tatting and Nervous Breakdowns
November 21, 2022

On Monday 21st November, the HMRI Healthy Minds Research Program hosted a public community seminar on mental health featuring special guest Alison Bryson.

Diagram of lungs
November 16, 2022

Dr Jemma Mayall from HMRI’s Immune Health Research Program led the study which discovered that a type of immune cell called a Natural Killer cell was abnormally active in people with COPD.

Woman (PhdD researcher Luiza Steffens-Reinhardt) in white lab smock and safety glasses smiling at the camera.
November 15, 2022

Researchers have identified a protein that, when present in high amounts in breast cancer tumours, is an indicator of whether DNA-damaging therapies will work or not. Lead author of the study, HMRI and University of Newcastle PhD researcher Luiza Steffens-Reinhardt, said this work could lead to more effective chemotherapy for people with breast cancer.

iREBOUND After Stroke Logo
November 14, 2022

A world-first website featuring evidence-based resources to help survivors of stroke move more and eat well to reduce the risk of a second stroke, has launched in Australia. The i-REBOUND after stroke website has been developed under the le

Nurse with covid-19 protection mask on giving a young woman with brown her a covid-19 swab test.
November 12, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, Australia has recorded 10.4 million cases of COVID-19, with the majority occurring this year. That leaves about a third of the population who are yet to have COVID - or NOVIDs. So what do we know about NOVIDs?


HMRI 2022 Researcher Awards Night
November 11, 2022

The winners of the 2022 Hunter Medical Research Institute awards were announced last night at NEX in Newcastle in front of friends, families, HMRI staff and supporters. With $90,000 in prize money on offer, the HMRI Awards honour the best overall researcher, mid-career researcher, early career researcher and research team.   

Cheenie Nieva
November 8, 2022

Cheenie’s natural curiosity and care drew her into the world of research where she seeks to better understand and solve painful gastrointestinal problems, such as Crohn's disease. Her own inner life is nourished by books, photography, visiting museums, gardening and being surrounded by friends. 

Vanessa McDonald
November 4, 2022

Learn about Professor Vanessa McDonald - leader of the HMRI Asthma and Breathing Research Program in this Searcher Magazine Spring 2022 Feature. 

Stomach model - Bariatric Surgery
October 27, 2022

HMRI dietitians and researchers Clare Collins and Tracy Burrows often get asked when an adult might consider bariatric surgery for weight management. Many people may be eliegible but bariatric surgery is not suitable for everyone with obesity. Here's why...

Woman using diabetes injection
October 22, 2022

Professor Murray Cairns’ recent drug repurposing trials have found that common medications used for heart conditions, muscle tension, stomach ulcers and cancer treatment can be used to fight obesity and diabetes.