Anti-viral Dietary Supplement for Immune Health: Life Trial

Are you aged 50 years and over? Researchers are looking for volunteers to participate in a trial testing a dietary supplement which may improve immune function and protect against virus infection.

Why is the research being done?

Lactoferrin is a well-known anti-viral and anti-bacterial protein that previous research has shown can improve immune function and reduce respiratory tract infections. Lactoferrin is made in the human body as part of our immune system defence and is normally present in saliva and breast milk.

Lactoferrin is also naturally present in cow’s milk, allowing it to be purified and used as a dietary supplement. Clinical trials in adults and children show that lactoferrin supplements can reduce respiratory tract infections, though little research has been done to help us understand how lactoferrin improves immune function. The LIFE trial will test a lactoferrin dietary supplement in older adults, as immune function can decrease with older age.

The LIFE trial will test whether taking a lactoferrin supplement, daily for 4 weeks can improve immune function and protect against virus infection in older adults. Researchers will do this by looking at changes in immune cells from blood samples taken before and after the 4-week trial.

What does the study involve?

The LIFE trial involves taking a lactoferrin supplement capsule each day, for 4 weeks.

Prior to starting, potential participants will be assessed for suitability over the phone. During the trial participants will be asked to attend the HMRI clinic twice, for a short (<1 hour) visit, where a small blood sample will be taken.

Click here to download the Participant Information Statement

Who can participate?

Researchers are looking for men and women, who are non-smokers, aged 50 years and over.

To find out more or to register your interest please contact Dr Bronwyn Berthon – email or call 02 4042 0116.