Take part in health research. Together with our 1800 members,  we’re doing research to improve the health and well-being of our community!

HMRI Register Members get personal invitations to take part in research studies. Help once, sometimes, or often - you choose what you get involved in.

Anyone 18+ can join.

What's involved?

You can volunteer to take part in research.

  • if you're healthy,
  • if you have one or more diagnosed medical conditions
  • if want to find out more about your health risks, or
  • if you want to volunteer to test new and developing treatments.

Your details are kept private to us the Register team. We send you invitations to take part in studies, over time.

What is involved in each study varies. Some studies can be done from home with no trips to HMRI. Others ask you to visit us at New Lambton, or a clinic somewhere else. You can help once, help sometimes, or volunteer for a study that continues over months or years.

What choices do I have?

Your information stays private to the HMRI Register team. When you get an invitation from us, you can opt-in, or say no.

It's OK to stay on the Register, get our newsletter, and keep in touch, even if you don't say yes to anything!

You could be asked to do things like:

  • take a survey on the phone.
  • visit us for tests or scans.
  • road-test new technologies for measuring your heart, or how you move or how you think.
  • donate blood for genetic research.
  • take memory or concentration tests.
  • take a device home and monitor your health over time.
  • connect with researchers by videocall or messaging.
  • choose to share information or tissue samples from routine healthcare that you needed in the health system.

If you say yes to an invitation, we connect you with the research team. Researchers are bound by privacy and confidentiality laws. We won't share your identity or health information, ever, without your consent.

Download the HMRI Register flyer

Download HMRI Research Register Flyer

To join the HMRI Research Register, please complete the below form. If you have any questions regarding the HMRI Research Register please contact registerinfo@hmri.org.au

Questions? Contact Gillian on 02 4042 0093 or email registerinfo@hmri.org.au

Gillian Mason | HMRI

Gillian Mason

Community and Consumer Involvement Lead
The HMRI Research Register is currently only recruiting for volunteers located in NSW. If you are located outside of NSW, we will be unable to accept your application.
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