The HMRI Poo Palace is a giant, inflatable digestive system where kids (and adults!) voyage through each stage of the digestive journey – from tongue to toilet!

The HMRI Poo Palace consists of 4 modules:

  1. The mouth and oesophagus
  2. The stomach
  3. The small intestine
  4. The large intestine and colon

In addition to being able to climb into a huge mouth and pop out a very large bottom, Poo Palace visitors also get to:

  • Participate in live experiments
  • Make their very own playdough poos
  • Learn first-hand from gut health research experts how food moves through the body, how diet affects gut health and about gastrointestinal disorders. 

From the 'Poo Room' to the 'Poo Palace'

You may have seen version 1.0 of the Poo Palace (ie. The Poo Room) which was a key feature of our HMRI Open Days from 2017 to 2019. Previously constructed in an office at the HMRI Building, dark sheeting and props were used to mimic an oversized digestive system.

The exhibit was a real crowd pleaser and a highly effective way of engaging children, teaching about food science, digestion, healthy diet and the human body.

The success of this exhibit led to what the Poo Palace is today. Standing 4 metres high, 10 metres wide, and completely mobile, the sensory experience can now be enjoyed by so many more children and community members of the Hunter New England Local Health District.


Where and when can I visit the HMRI Poo Palace?

Watch this space to learn where the HMRi Poo Palace will be next!



"Get to know your poo" Bristol Stool Chart

Print me off and stick me on the back of the toilet door so you and your family can get to know your poo!

Bristol Stool Chart


The Amazing Poo Palace Activity Colouring Booklet

Print me off and for endless poo-themed fun including a very pooey recipe, plenty of fun facts and a Poo Quiz!