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The HMRI Bioinformatics and Special Applications support offers all medical researchers and PhD students free initial consultations to discuss your grant proposal.

Services offered extend from high level experiment design and consulting to specific data analysis, brokerage with sequencing centers on behalf of the researcher and liaison in multi-site multi-teams collaborations.

The Bioinformatics group is conformed by two senior bioinformaticians with a breadth of experience across all major current data analysis methods, particularly sequencing data, with the support of the Statistics group if required. We can investigate, select and design analysis methods for a specific application or goal, including the data management issues often associated to high throughput experiments.

A non-exhaustive list of services available to researchers:

  • Standard and custom analysis of all types of sequencing data: transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, droplet (single cell), etc.
  • Data integration methods across multiple domains, tailored to the biological / medical problem of interest. Linkage of disparate data sources (e.g. image analysis, temporal series, activity monitoring, ...)
  • Clustering and subgroup characterisation in big data contexts, supervised and unsupervised knowledge discovery, pattern analysis and machine learning.
  • Statistical and non-statistical models for data aggregation (e.g. meta-analysis and integrative analysis).

The Bioinformatics group also has experience in non-traditional data sources analysis and signal processing, and implementation of interactive display and data exploration applications.

We add the technical knowledge of different high-performance computing platforms and data management systems to select the most appropriate and cost effective strategy for the size of the project, accompanied by extensive experience in design, implementation and tuning of data analysis pipelines with R, Python, shell scripting and proven Open Source tools and protocols.

Our work methodology covers from project-specific itemised analysis to general consulting or analysis in open-ended projects (“part-time resident bioinformatician”).  We are happy to discuss and adapt our methodology to the needs of the research team.

Bioinformatics & Special Applications Support Staff

Dr Carlos Riveros

Dr Carlos Riveros

Head of Bioinformatics & Artificial Intelligence
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