The HMRI Bioinformatics and Special Applications support offers all medical researchers and PhD students free initial consultations to discuss your grant proposal.

Services available to researchers

• Big dataset analysis, data transformation, storage and retrieval.

• Design, implementation and performance tuning of data processing pipelines for high throughput sequencing applications using Open Source tools in R, Python, C/C++, etc. or combinations thereof.

• Parallel and distributed applications. High-performance and cloud computing platforms consulting, configuration, management and setup.

• Clustering and subgroup analysis, supervised and unsupervised knowledge discovery. Pattern analysis.

• Statistical and non-statistical models for data aggregation (e.g. meta-analysis and integrative analysis).

• Graph-theory and information-theory based methods.

• Signal processing, instrumentation, embedded and mobile micro-systems consulting.

• High quality, complex graph production (circos, multi-dimensional plots).

• Estimation of budget line items for analysis.

Bioinformatics & Special Applications Support Staff

Carlos Riveros - HMRI

Carlos Riveros

Health Informatician and Bioinformatician
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