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HMRI Award For Research Excellence
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HMRI Award For Research Excellence

Award for Research Excellence - 2019 Frances Kay-Lambkin

Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin is a nationally renowned mental health trailblazer who leads a global team of researchers, clinicians and industry partners in supporting patients who have concurrent mental health, alcohol and drug problems.

Very few researchers in the mental health sphere, anywhere in the world, have such impressive credentials and a track record of achievements.

Award for Research Excellence - 2018 Jennifer Martin

Professor Jennifer Martin is a dual trained clinical pharmacologist and practising general physician. She has studied politics and health economics at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar and has used this experience to serve on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, the Economic Subcommittee of the PBAC and other Government and Statewide committees examining appropriate allocation, regulation, safety and efficacy in pharmaceuticals.

Award for Research Excellence - 2016 John Wiggers

This prestigious award recognises Professor Wiggers’ unwavering commitment to reducing the chronic disease risks imposed by smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption and inadequate physical activity. His dedication has seen his research secure over $40 million in grant income and expand his group from a single staff member to 7 research fellows and 10 post-doctoral researchers. Additionally, Professor Wiggers' has contributedn to 200 peer-reviewed research manuscripts placing him among the highest performing academics in his field, internationally.