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Dr Ben Britton

Dr Ben Britton

Research Interests

  • Encouraging better health outcomes through behaviour change.
  • Designing interventions that focus on changing patients’ behaviours; changing clinicians’ behaviours; and changing health systems using behavioural principles.
  • Investigating the ways that intervention implementation requires interaction between the evidence-based strategies and the context that it is going to be delivered
  • Evaluating improvements to health care delivery by integrating evidence-based psychological interventions and theories into clinical practice

Why did you get into research?

I got into clinical research to make things better for my patients. I was becoming aware that health problems are increasingly chronic, which requires more self-management from patients. I realised “that’s my field, psychology is the science behind behavior change” and so I began getting involved in other health-related research projects, initially just as a collaborator and then taking more of a lead role. Research has allowed me to find more of what works and then help people put it into practice, ultimately improving the health of patients, and seeing those results is very rewarding.

What would be the ultimate goal for your research?

I predominately work in hospitals and community health settings that treat people who are already unwell such as mental health, oncology, malnutrition, diabetes and cardiac rehabilitation. The ultimate goal would be to make myself redundant through patients getting the absolute most out of any treatment, clinicians delivering the best practice treatments to the greatest effect, and health systems supporting both of them to do that.


Dr Britton is a full-time Senior Clinical and Health Psychologist working in Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital. He holds a Doctorate of Clinical & Health Psychology and a PhD in Psychiatry. He has collaborated with researchers and clinicians across all chronic illness domains including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Despite a full clinical load, Dr Britton has won multiple awards, published extensively in peer reviewed journals, been invited to keynote and present at national and international conferences and is a sought-after presenter and trainer at professional events.

His research has encompassed studies and trials at local, national, and international institutions.

Dr Britton holds a conjoint position with the University of Newcastle and teaches medical, psychology, radiation medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and podiatry students; and supervises several postgraduate students.

Future Focus

Looking forward, my goal is to grow the capacity of the health system to incorporate evidence-based behaviour change into improving care for patients. 

Specialised/Technical Skills

  • Behaviour Change Intervention Design
  • Behaviour Change Intervention Implementation
  • Implementation Science
  • Systems Change


  • HCRA
  • Hunter New England Health
  • PRC Health Behaviour
  • PRC Cancer Research, Innovation & Translation
  • PRC Brain and Mental Health Research
  • International Psycho-Oncology Society
  • Faculty of Health and Medicine
  • HCRA Implementation Science Flagship Steering Committee
  • HCRA Future Leaders Group Executive Committee
  • HNE Psycho-Oncology Clinical Stream Coordinator
  • HNE Cancer Network
  • HNE Chronic Disease Network