The one-off donations that HMRI receives are greatly appreciated as they help pilot projects to get off the ground. But it may take years of meticulous work for an idea to reach its clinical conclusion, which demands a secure and steady income stream.

‘Seed of Hope’ is just that. It’s our name for the regular-giving program that nurtures HMRI’s high-calibre research projects from genesis towards all-important outcome. Government and corporate funding might boost the flow but is often difficult to obtain and defined by a set period.

Becoming a Seed of Hope member has exceptional benefits for both you, as donor, and HMRI. The regular monthly contribution amounts are smaller and less noticeable in your budget yet you’ll be amazed at their impact when accumulated over time.

It allows us to confidently fund more projects today that would otherwise be turned away. And it gives the financial stability to look 5, 10 or maybe 15 years into the future.

Planting the seed

Seed of Hope supporters make scheduled donations through direct debit, credit card payments or contribute a small amount from each pay through Workplace Giving

If you have a vision of a healthier future for generations to follow, perhaps you can pledge a monthly $10, $20, $30 or more and plant your own Seed of Hope

All donations, big and small, are deeply valued – and you can be sure your donations will fund only the best research projects.

Hopefully we can count on your support because our life-changing research depends so much on friends like you joining our Seed of Hope team.


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Julia Berry

Julia Berry

Direct Marketing & Bequests Manager
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