HMRI’s Research Services Officer offers a wide variety of grant administration services, from initial grant establishment through to cost collector formation at the University. We can help you when you receive funding from:

  • Philanthropic grants
  • Corporate donations
  • Trusts and Foundation grants
  • Government or other funding body NOT listed on the ACGR
  • Contract research which allows subcontracts from HMRI to UoN

Benefits of administering external grants through HMRI include:

  • HMRI has a well-established process with the University. We are in regular contact with the Research Services team and the Research Accounting team in regards to HMRI grants and the processing of HMRI grants. We understand their processes and can help you navigate them to establish your grant.
  • HMRI will manage invoicing, transfers of funds and ensure that you meet reporting requirements of your funding organisation.
  • HMRI’s marketing and development team are a dedicated donor relations team. Their job is to keep the donor informed and engaged with the institute so that they will continue to support HMRI researchers into the future.
*Indicates a compulsory field