HMRI researcher leading Neurofibromatosis (NF1) research into symptoms and treatments

Sep 16 2022


Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is a neurogenetic condition that causes brown skin marks (café au lait spots) and benign (non-cancer) growths around the nerves. There is currently no drug treatment for these skin neurofibromas.

Associate Professor Tracy Dudding-Byth, who is leading research into Neurofibromatosis at the Hunter Medical Research Institute, speaks with ABC Newcastle about how NF1 can affect people's lives and what research is being done to better understand why some people develop the condition more severely.  

"NF1 is one of the most common neuro-genetic conditions. It affects 1 in 3000"  - Associate Professor Tracy Dudding-Byth

Associate Professor Dudding-Byth is currently inviting adults with a clinical or genetic diagnosis of NF1 to participate in her research study The NF1 Project to help improve the knowledge and treatments available for people living with NF1. You can learn more and register here:


Guest: Associate Professor Tracy Dudding-Byth
Program: ABC Newcastle Breakfast | ABC Newcastle Facebook