Smiling on Children's Research

Sep 13 2010

Members of the Hunter Children’s Research Foundation (HCRF) are smiling thanks to a donation of $11,000 that will be directed to helping children’s health research in the Hunter.

Since its establishment 14 years ago, the Hunter Children’s Research Foundation has raised approximately $987,000 and with this donation is edging a little closer to the $1million milestone.

The Foundation partners with local businesses and community events to help raise funds for children’s health. Money raised stays in the region to fund research into illnesses affecting children, including asthma, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and sleep disorders.

This morning, a donation of $11,000 raised at the ‘Service with a Smile’ Awards night, organised by the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Newcastle and Hunter was presented to the Hunter Children’s Research Foundation (HCRF).

“This is a very generous donation and we are grateful for the support shown to the Foundation by the AHA”, said Janelle Shakespeare, Chair of HCRF.

“Every donation received by the Foundation makes a huge difference to the work done locally by dedicated clinicians who are passionate about improving the lives of sick kids and we are delighted to partner with our community to help support their valuable work.”

In attendance at the cheque presentation will be Professor Clare Collins, who is one of the many local researchers who has benefited from the work of the HCRF.

Professor Collins spoke about her research projects involving development of a new tool to measure dietary intake in toddlers by comparing a food frequency questionnaire to the measurement of total energy expenditure.

Facilitated by a $20,000 grant from the HCRF, this work undertaken by Professor Collins and her team is helping families adopt healthy eating strategies.

“Thanks to HCRF research funding, we have been able to make it easier to measure dietary intake in a valid way – this is a very important part of conducting research of an International standard and developing healthy programs for families,” Professor Collins said.

HCRF works in association with HMRI and is affiliated with Kaleidoscope – the Hunter Children’s Health Network.